Ways to add more movement into your day

It’s easy to get stuck sitting for prolonged periods, especially during the work day. But being too sedentary poses health risks. The good news: simple, light physical activity can be beneficial too. Try incorporating these movements throughout your day:

Stand up and move your muscles! Aim to interrupt seated time every 30 minutes.

Make pacing a habit! Walk or pace at your desk while on the phone or during conference calls (as long as you’re not on video).

Walk on your lunch break. Consider devoting half your break to eating and half to walking.

Do some stress-busting physical activity after you’re done work for the day, like yoga or going on a bike ride.

Do jumping jacks during TV commercials or midway through a series episode. Or try sit-ups, a yoga pose, or a few arm lifts using a set of small hand weights, or a filled water jug.

Put more “oomph” into chores. Take an extra big stretch while putting away dishes on top shelves. During vacuuming, do a few extra squats while using the dustpan, and so on.

Add physical activity into family time. Instead of planning a family movie night, why not try a family walk or hike instead?

Talk to your healthcare practitioner about ways to increase your physical activity if you have a health condition or are feeling ill.


Original source: https://blog.healthadvocate.com/2020/12/ways-to-add-more-movement-into-your-day/