Water: It’s a Great Choice

At child care, we offer water to your preschooler throughout the day. This is a great drink choice for kids because it doesn’t contain added sugars or caffeine.

  • Water helps to hydrate your child’s body.
  • Drinking tap water with fuoride (also known as fuoridated tap water) can help prevent cavities.
  • Drinking water between meals and snacks can help rinse food from teeth.

Preschoolers need extra water to drink when they are physically active or when it is hot outside. At child care, we have regular water breaks before and during active play.

What you can do at home:

  • Offer water between meals and snacks.
  • Encourage your child to drink water by being a role model and drinking water yourself.
  • Keep child-sized cups by the sink where your child can reach them.

Color the water drop activity sheet

Original source: https://fns-prod.azureedge.net/sites/default/files/tn/NibblesWater_Eng.pdf