Stay Active During Winter Break


Is it too cold or snowy to go outside and play during winter break? Get creative with these indoor activities that will get students and families moving and having fun!

Activity Ideas

  • Play indoor hopscotch: Use painter’s tape to create squares on the floor.
  • Play Hot Lava: Put several pillows on the floor and space them apart. Instruct kids to jump from pillow to pillow. If they fall off the pillows, they will be falling off into hot lava.
  • Go bowling.
  • Purchase an aerobic exercise DVD or stream a fitness video to get your heart pumping!
  • Play Red Light, Green Light or other small group games that children pick and lead.
  • Shovel snow.
  • Walk the mall. Make it fun by turning it into a scavenger hunt.
  • Play Simon Says.
  • Build an indoor fort out of pillows and blankets.
  • Have a jump rope challenge in the garage. Who can do the most in a minute?
  • Start each morning with a 10-minute stretch and wake session before breakfast.
  • Play charades.
  • Practice yoga.
  • Go ice-skating or roller-skating.
  • Visit the zoo or aquarium.
  • Bundle up and take a hike or a neighborhood walk.


  • Kids should have two hours or less of screen time each day. Pledge to minimize screen time during winter break!
  • Designate one or two days as no TV days.
  • Organize a parent/caregiver meet-up, a networking session where parent volunteers can get together and share their best ideas on keeping kids active and healthy during the break. It’s also a great way to recognize your volunteers during the holidays!
  • Pledge and make a commitment to limit screen time. Find pledge forms, activity logs and other resources and post it so the whole family can see.
  • If you do watch TV, make it active. Who can do the most push-ups or jumping jacks during a commercial break?
  • Ask a trainer or yoga instructor to come in and teach some simple indoor exercises that kids can do over break or watch a video for free on online.


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