Penn State PRO Wellness partners with Kohl’s Cares to enhance school wellness program

Kohl’s Cares has awarded $100,000 to Penn State PRO Wellness to support Healthy Champion school wellness initiatives through the Circle of Wellness program. Circle of Wellness focuses on the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model by taking a collaborative approach to learning and health developed by credible professionals. The year-long Circle of Wellness program includes a virtual workshop for staff members as well as technical support to assist schools in creating unique signature events.

On Nov. 18, Penn State PRO Wellness kicked off the program by hosting 51 staff members from 42 Healthy Champion schools across Pennsylvania in a three-hour virtual workshop. Attendees learned about school safety as an engagement tool, mental resiliency, self-care and preparing families for success through engagement. “I love what you’re doing,” said Jana Snyder, health and physical education teacher with Juniata County School District. “It’s great to have organizations willing to partner with our schools and talk about the need for mental and emotional health for students, teachers and families!”

“The workshop provided a variety of topics that were all relevant to school nursing, was interactive, and kept us engaged,” said Brigitte Bortz, certified school nurse at Lehigh Valley Academy. “It is rare to find professional development geared toward school nurses with every topic on the agenda.”

Participants have the opportunity to attend monthly virtual roundtable discussions starting in January 2021 to discuss success stories and areas for growth. Additionally, the technical support, materials and resources provided through the Circle of Wellness program will help schools enhance their Healthy Champions STAR status and achieve their wellness goals.