Our Top Wellness Gifts for the Whole Family + How to DIY Your Own

Are you having trouble figuring out what to gift your loved ones this holiday? It’s important to remember that the holidays are not about presents, but spending time and making memories with each other. So, this year we have put together the ultimate guide to gifting both experiences and traditional gifts for everyone on your list, naughty or nice.


  • A museum or science center membership
  • Orchestra or theater tickets
  • Nature center or national park passes
  • A fun family adventure for a picnic, camping or hiking in a new spot
  • A family road trip or vacation
  • A yoga class or series at a local studio


  • A healthy recipe with all the ingredients
  • A local farm share for next year’s produce (Think of it as Christmas in July!)
  • A soothing Himalayan salt lamp
  • Favorite natural beauty or grooming product(s)
  • Fitness-related gear: yoga mat, workout clothes, headphones, fitness tracker, etc.
  • A “day off” or pampering experience, such as a massage
  • Outdoorsy gear: fire starter kit, a tent or hammock for camping, a multi-use knife, heat-proof BBQ gloves, etc.
  • Blue blocking glasses
  • Comfy wool socks or slippers
  • An insulated water bottle that keeps drinks hot or cold
  • Recommended humorous books, audio books or movies


Consider the “Rule of Four”

  • One “Want”— Examples include craft supplies or an educational gift in an area of their interest.
  • One “Experience”— A pottery class, a special lunch date, movie tickets, or a game night.
  • One “Wear”— Choose one clothing item, such as a winter coat or hiking boots.
  • One “Read”— Select a book they might want to escape with.

For Younger Kids

  • An art kit with natural, non-toxic paints
  • Wooden people or doll house
  • A new game (non-electronic)
  • A beginner musical instrument, such as a piano keyboard
  • A reusable writing tablet that encourages creativity


  • Organic mattress cover
  • Organic muslin/linen swaddling blankets
  • Wooden toys
  • An organic baby carrier
  • Amber teething necklace
  • Milestone learning toys, such as baby’s first shapes box


  • A spot in a community garden
  • A digital photo frame
    • A plant in a decorative planter
    • A subscription to their favorite magazine or a new book
    • A moisturizing face oil
    • A day out with the kids
    • A homemade craft from your kids

Original Source: https://blog.assethealth.com/holiday-wellness-gifts-for-the-whole-family/