National Gratitude Month: 20 Ways To Celebrate It At Work

November ushers in the season of celebrations and gratitude. While you may be thinking about Thanksgiving, there is another equally important holiday— National Gratitude Month! And it’s the perfect time to celebrate this wonderful sentiment in the workplace.

Just like Employee Appreciation Day, on the first Friday of March, each November, the US observes National Gratitude Month. For many of us, it’s an opportunity to reflect on what we’re thankful for in our professional and personal lives.

A workplace that focuses on gratitude is more appreciative, positive, and transparent. It is a work environment where people can thrive. But do you know how you can devote this month to practicing gratitude at work?

While the power of gratitude has long been categorized as a virtue, there are several practical ways you can make gratitude a company-wide practice.

Here are a few ways you can create an environment of gratitude in your workplace.

Here are some simple yet effective ways to show gratitude in your workplace in National Gratitude Month.

1. Start by Giving Thanks

Start by saying ‘Thank You’ to your team and colleagues. Remember to be authentic and really mean what you say. Because, believe it or not, it’s all too easy to overlook the contributions of your company’s most important asset: your team.

It’s also incredibly easy to take them for granted. Acknowledging them will make your employees feel valued, motivate them, and will develop a sense of belonging towards organizational values.

2. Peer Recognition

Peer recognition programs provide companies with an excellent opportunity to create a culture of open communication. A peer recognition program encourages employee engagement in a company. It demonstrates that the opinions of every individual are valued.

Thanking your coworkers for their hard work is the best way to show that you appreciate them.

Encouraging peer recognition among your employees is a great way to boost morale and performance in your company.

Peer recognition provides a positive mindset, which encourages employees to do better in their jobs. Plus, it’s a nice way for coworkers to communicate and enhance team building.

3. Offer A Helping Hand

Show your employees that their hard work has not gone unnoticed.

When you offer them a helping hand with their projects, they’ll feel appreciated and more dedicated to the company.

They’ll understand that you are always there when needed, which will make it easier for them to love working for you even more than they already do!

We all know that when push comes to shove, your employees will be there to support you, so why not return the favor?

4. Get Them A Surprise gift

Everybody loves getting a gift!

It is not easy to recognize and appreciate everything your employees do on time. Employees may feel less valued if they have gone unappreciated for a long time. In such cases, the best way to express your appreciation is to give your employees a meaningful gift.

In fact, most employees love to cherish these tokens of thanks. It is not how big or small the gift is, but the sentiment behind it, the gesture, that matters.

5. Create A Gratitude Wall

“Gratitude walls” have become a popular trend in office-building design.

The benefit of the gratitude wall is that it encourages employees to publicly acknowledge their gratitude for each other. It’s like bringing out the good in each other, one nice comment at a time.

The idea can be as simple as writing ‘thank you’ on a whiteboard to the entire office. It can be more elaborate, such as crafting a small card and hanging it on the wall where others can see it.

6. Review Compensation

One of the easiest ways to make your employees feel appreciated is to give them a raise. I’m not saying you should go around giving everyone a pay rise. But you can certainly look at each employee’s wage and see whether it reflects the time, effort, and contribution they make to your company.

By acknowledging their work and paying them a fair and competitive wage, you will be able also to retain key employees.

7. Go For A Treat

Treating your work family to a meal is a great way to show your gratitude and give them a break from the daily grind. A monthly team lunch or an after-work gathering is also a great way to promote team building.

We all know that happy employees are productive ones. So, don’t miss out on another great opportunity to show your gratitude towards your people and see greater business results in return.

8. Have A Snack Counter

At some point or another, everyone needs positive reinforcement to get them through the day. So why not keep a snack bar in the office or vending machines?

Sometimes employees have to stay late or often miss breakfast in the morning. A bowl of tasty treats or an office snack bar is the perfect way to show appreciation. It is the perfect way to help lessen their trouble and take some “me-time” during the day.

It’s the little things that make people happy, and you never know when someone will need a moment of happiness (or chocolate) to get them through the day.

9. Team Building Activities

All work and no play will make your employees grumpy. Office work can be hectic sometimes. If you’re not careful, your employees will burn out in no time at all.

To keep them happy, offer them a break from time to time to let off steam.
Having team-building activities now and then will help the employees bond with each other, learn new things about the job, and get a moment to destress.

10. Upgrade The Office

The office is the place where most of the employees spend their time. By putting in a bit of effort and money into making it a better place, you can show your employees how much you appreciate their hard work.

Office upgrades such as new furniture, the latest technology, and decor can help create a positive working environment that will keep your employees happy and productive. It’s also a great way to show your existing employees that you appreciate them and value their hard work!

10 Bonus Tips To Celebrate National Gratitude Month Remotely

We all know that remote working is on the rise and that it brings with it a host of benefits for employees and employers alike. However, it’s also a fact that sometimes you miss the social aspect of office life, especially when celebrating special occasions together.

So, in the spirit of giving thanks, here are some ways to express gratitude to your remote workers.

1. Host A Virtual Happy Hour

Working remotely can be isolating, and your employees probably feel like they’re missing out on the perks of the office.

There are ways to help your remote coworkers feel more connected to the team. One option is to hold a virtual happy hour or a virtual get-together. It can be as simple as an online chat room where everyone just talks about their day or as complex as a series of team-building games and contests.

You can also include fun games like Trivia or Bingo for entertainment.

2. Have Goodies/Meal Delivered

Good food is a way to everyone’s heart!

You can order meals from local food outlets and have them delivered to their homes. A delicious spread of local fare and branded goodies are guaranteed to give you the kind of good vibes that even the most critical employee can’t resist!

Additionally, it is a great way to create an atmosphere of appreciation for your employees’ hard work and dedication.

3. Send A Gratitude Email

Sometimes it’s the little gestures that mean the most. If you want to show your colleagues that you appreciate them, why not email them? Even if it’s short and simple, this gesture could make their day. When your employees see an appreciative email in their stress-inducing inboxes, it will make a significant difference to their day.

4. Send Them on A Workation

Workations or workcations are the latest trends among employees. A workation is when you combine your work with a vacation.

For some, the work-life balance gets affected while working from home. Give them a break from the usual workspace by offering them a paid workation.

Previously, due to travel restrictions, people were unable to combine business with pleasure. But now, it seems as though a few countries have loosened up a bit. This means that employees don’t have to miss out on that vacation because of their jobs.

5. Hold A Virtual Wellness Program

2020 was a difficult year. It showed us how our mental health is as vital as our physical health.

At the end of the day, your workers are humans, too. And you’re probably expecting them to be at their top mental performance at all times.

Offer virtual wellness sessions like yoga or meditation classes. You need to remind them that even though they may be working for you, you care for their well-being too.

6. Offer A Coupon To Local Services

If you have a remote team or a team that works out of a particular city, offer them a coupon for local services, such as a restaurant or a movie ticket. This is definitely going to cheer them up and give them an excuse to take some time out for themselves. You’ll make them feel recognized and appreciated.

7. Gift Cards To The Rescue

Thank your employees with an E-gift card for various websites or stores. You can also gift free coupons or subscriptions for special services like a car wash, pet care, Netflix, etc.

8. Praise Them Publicly

You can give your team an instant morale boost by letting them know you appreciate what they do. You can take a moment to thank your employees in virtual meetings verbally.

You can go further and express your gratitude with social media posts, photos, and videos. Then tag your team members in #nationalgratitudemonth hashtags on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

9. Create A Collage/Custom Videos

Individual employee appreciation can be time-consuming. You can have your leaders record a message for their team to appreciate them.

Recognize your team by creating a collage or video that expresses gratitude. Thank them for their support and contributions throughout the year.

10. Curate Customized Themed Merchandise

Curate some unique designs with words of gratitude for personalized merchandise for employees such as t-shirts, notebooks, and coffee mugs. Have them delivered to their homes. A surprise like this will surely make their day and make them smile.

In The End

One must appreciate the hard work of all the employees, whether it’s behind the scenes or in front of customers.

The idea is that people should think about what they are grateful for and then express this gratitude to others. Although it’s not always possible to practice this during the busy workday, it’s possible to cultivate gratitude to your coworkers, family members, and friends every day of the year.

It’s a small gesture but makes all the difference.

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