Healthy holiday gift ideas for your loved ones

Giving a health-conscious holiday gift is the perfect way to say “I care, I love you, and I want to support you in taking care of yourself.” From items that keep a loved one warm during winter, to services that help someone increase their energy, relax and unwind…the possibilities for health-promoting gifts are endless. Here are a few ideas:

  • Keep it simple with gift certificates or gift cards for services, such as:
    • Delivery of healthy meals, snack boxes, or fruit. (It could be a once-a-week delivery for a month, a once-a-month delivery for a year, or a one-time delivery.)
    • A massage to help relax and soothe (especially great around the holidays!)
    • Private sessions with a nutritionist, lifestyle coach, yoga teacher, or personal trainer
    • Group classes promoting healthy lifestyle practices such as yoga and meditation
  • Give at-home exercise enthusiasts simple equipment to help them vary their routines and kick their workouts up a notch:
    • A jump rope makes a fun stocking stuffer! Jumping rope is a great way to warm up before a workout, and it’s easy to incorporate it into interval training!
    • A workout mat and resistance band are also helpful fitness additions and are easily stored
    • A stability ball can add variety for an abdominal workout and improves balance
    • A gift card to your loved one’s favorite store for exercise clothing and equipment can help reinvigorate their enthusiasm!
  • Give the gift of your time and knowledge:
    • If you’re technology-savvy and a good teacher, give loved ones a gift coupon to redeem with YOU. For example, you could teach them how to use a mobile fitness device and how to sync their data to a fitness-tracking website.
    • Give the gift of better financial wellness. Teach a loved one some basic computer skills, install some basic finance-tracking software and teach them how to use it, or help them set up online bill payments.

Remember, at a time of year that can seem especially busy, spending time connecting with friends and family, both local and afar, can be the most important gift you give yourself and others. Your kindness, thoughtfulness, gratitude and love are the best gifts of all!

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