Enjoy some heart-healthy holiday eating


The holidays can be both heart-warming and heart-healthy. These suggestions from the American Heart Association and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics can help you enjoy holiday treats without ignoring the health of your heart:

Don’t deprive yourself. You’ll only sour yourself on the idea of healthful eating. Strive for moderation instead.

Choose carefully. Turkey is relatively low in saturated fat, but duck and goose aren’t. If you’d like to have multiple meats, take sample portions of each one.

Wait 10 minutes before eating dessert or having seconds. You may find that you’re not hungry after waiting a little bit.

If you’re doing the cooking, find ways to make recipes more heart-friendly.

At holiday gatherings, focus on conversations instead of food.

At holiday buffets, choose a small plate to put your food on, and limit your trips to the buffet table.

Besides paying attention to what you eat, try to make physical activity a part of your holiday traditions too. Take family walks after holiday meals, or play games outside.

Original Source: https://pennstatehershey.netreturns.biz/HealthInfo/Story.aspx?StoryId=9cbeb802-be49-4269-9ce2-5d6128495334#.XXF0-ihKiUk