Year Two and Beyond

  • Refinement and Continual Improvement

    What We Anticipate

    • Increased troop leader satisfaction!
    • Increased Trading Post sales!
    • Trust in Penn State PRO Wellness camps over any other summer camp for the health and wellbeing of children!
  • Year 2: Refinement

    Continue dining hall standards for year 2.

    • Adapt favorite recipes to make them healthier.
    • Substitute new recipes/items for products the campers did not enjoy.
      • Conduct taste tests to determine new recipes.
    • Collect data on camper and troop satisfaction of meals.

    Continue Trading Post standards for year 2.

    • Remove unhealthy items that did not sell well in the Trading Post the year prior.
    • Remove bottom five sellers from the unhealthy category, and add five more healthy options (i.e. more/different flavors).
    • Evaluate sales to ensure profits are on the upswing. If sales are not increasing, increase the cost of the top selling unhealthy items and ensure that there is a price point advantage on healthier options (may be subsidized by increased prices of unhealthy choices).
      • All healthier options should be more affordable to campers than the unhealthy options.
      • Collect data on sales as well as camper and troop leader satisfaction of meals.

    Continue working on more physical activity opportunities for all campers and leaders.

    • Incorporate games, friendly troop or counselor competitions.
      • Ensure adequate distance between activities, Step-Up badge, etc.

    Administrative Responsibilities

    • Send record of changes from prior two years to Penn State PRO Wellness
      • Penn State PRO Wellness will conduct the evaluation, site visit and will offer the official camp flag.
      • Upon completion of the badge, the camp will receive a flag to hang in the dining hall and will be showcased as a PRO Wellness Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Camp on the national BSA website.

    Other food sources such as Cracker Barrels, cooking badge, snacks, etc. will be evaluated for nutrition. These food offerings should be comparable to menu and Trading Post standards. Contact PRO Wellness for more information and resources.

  • Continual Improvement

    By year three, campers and staff should be well adjusted to the new standards.

    • Maintain sales records to monitor big sellers and the intake of the healthier options.
    • Continue to offer taste tests before adding new products. This will ensure higher sales.
    • Continue to refine by removing less-popular, unhealthy sellers, and replace these items with newer and healthier choices.
    • Get parent/camper feedback about the Trading Post and cafeteria compared to years prior (more than three years back).

    Upon obtainment of the PRO Wellness Camp Badge, the camp promises to continue offering healthier options at the Trading Post and in the cafeteria, as well as creating a physically fit culture with many options for physical activity. The camp promises that if it fails to uphold the dining hall, Trading Post, physical activity, or food access standards, the badge will be forfeited and the flag must be returned to Penn State PRO Wellness.