Evaluation: Measures of Success

Measuring success will be important to evaluate next steps after the initial year at camp. This data may also be used to influence Boy Scouts of America policies going forward, and could be used to share success stories in future articles and publications.

The following measures of success can be used to evaluate success:

  • Trading Post food sales per person
    • Calculate the total sales during the summer and then divide by the sum of campers, troop leaders and staff
  • Focus groups
    • Gather a group of seven to ten troop leaders and ask the following questions for honest feedback
  • Troop leader evaluations
  • Dining hall invoices with pricing
  • Actual menus served for each week of camp
  • Step count evaluations per troop
  • Monitor waste by standing by trash cans and observing food disposed
  • Top sellers in Trading Post
  • Food costs