Better Together Lebanon County

After successfully transforming summer camps to a culture of health, PRO Wellness started to work in the community as well. Many local organizations were addressing community health, but operating independently. Jeanne Donlevy Arnold envisioned a collaborative process utilizing networks and partnerships. Working together, these groups pooled resources, focused on priority areas and improved community wellness in Ms. Arnold’s hometown, Lebanon, Pa. PRO Wellness partnered with Ms. Arnold to realize this vision in Better Together: Lebanon County—an initiative bringing multiple sectors of the community together to improve the health and quality of life for its residents.

Successful community-wide health initiatives engage the community throughout the planning process. To accomplish this, a Better Together steering committee was formed and includes representation from the local community, hospital systems, grocery stores, restaurants, schools, non-profit organizations and policy makers. This committee assists with the planning, goal setting and outcomes of the Better Together: Lebanon County initiative, including an annual community-wide summit. The goal of the Summit is to collect input from multiple sectors of the community to minimize duplication of efforts and ensure greatest community needs are addressed. Based on expertise, attendee interests and available resources, five action teams have emerged from priority areas identified to date.

  1. Healthy food access
  2. Physically active communities
  3. Behavioral health

PRO Wellness continues to facilitate Summit meetings and participate in all action team meetings. PRO Wellness also provides content expertise, assistance and strategic planning to the group.

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