A Student Athlete’s Survival Guide to High School

The life of a high school student athlete can become stressful as an individual undertakes the multiple responsibilities associated with maintaining a respectable academic record and thriving within their athletic environment. However, there are many ways to relieve stress and acquire a great academic standing while participating in the sport that brings you joy.


The first part of the title “student athlete” is “student.” From freshman year, grades should be taken seriously, but grades can be one of the more daunting parts of high school. In order to sustain good grades, you must pay attention in class, complete both your schoolwork and homework and interact with your teacher in such a way that benefits your learning style.

Some concepts can cause confusion among students, so asking questions or collaborating with classmates can create a more enjoyable educational experience. Within your academic career, you should not compare yourself to anyone else. Instead, you must work hard to be the best student you can be. As a student, you should take advantage of your education because it is a privilege that can open numerous, life-changing doors.


Athletes in high school are tasked with the responsibility of giving their all for their teammates, coaches, school, and themselves. The “work hard, play hard” mentality presents itself within every moment dedicated to your sport. Many times, with sports, athletes are given the chance to take on a leadership role, in which they challenge both themselves and others to perform at the best of their ability. You can strive to be a leader in not only vocally, but by leading by example as well. When it comes to college recruitment, colleges want a player that will benefit their department and school. You will need good athletic ability, great grades, an outstanding attitude and electrifying effort.

Within your recruitment process, you can reach out to colleges you are interested in and communicate with them. Remember, not only are you trying to impress college coaches, but they are trying to impress you too. On the other hand, recruitment has never been mandatory, although society pushes the need to continue playing through college to get to a professional level. If you enjoy your sport at the high school level and do not want to continue further, it is equally fine to only play in high school as it would be to continue to college. Whenever playing sports gets tough, always remember the reason why you began to play the sport you appreciate so much and utilize it as motivation.

Other Extracurriculars

Although academics and sports consume a lot of time, extracurricular activities are an excellent way to participate in hobbies and events that interest you outside of your sport or academic interests. School clubs and committees are great ways to meet new people and enhance your life as a student athlete. If you search in the right places, you may be able to find jobs around your school, such as being a statistician or scorekeeper for another sport you enjoy. Student athletes can manage their time to fit in an amount of extra activities to become more well-rounded.


Organization is an essential portion of a student athlete’s life. You must be aware of how much time it takes to understand and complete homework while taking practices, games, and other extracurriculars into account. Sometimes, sports or other activities will require you to miss school, but it is your responsibility to communicate with your teacher before and after the event to create a plan to make up work. Student athletes organize themselves in multiple ways including using calendars, planners, and spreadsheets.


With both mental and physical strain, setting aside time to take care of yourself is important. People need to take time to relax and pay attention to their wellbeing to live a healthy lifestyle. Student athletes need a good amount of sleep and eat well to perform well in their sport and in the classroom. High school goes by quickly and spending time with family and friends is a great use your extra time before you go to college and gain more responsibilities. The most important thing student athletes must remember is to have fun. You are a teenager who deserves to develop and grow, so take care of yourself to the best of your ability in order to succeed as a high school student athlete.


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