A Household of Happiness and Love: Tips for a Happier Family

A family can never be too happy. Happiness in abundance increases quality of life. Like everything else, happiness begins at home which is why it is important to build a happy family. Happiness in a household benefit all persons both mentally and emotionally. It all sounds great of course but happiness, like everything else, is something that families have to work for. Dynamics have to be right, members have to bond, everyone has to feel important and most importantly loved. Making those a priority is how to build a happy family. Ready to improve your household? Follow these four tips for a happier family.

Here are some things that you can do to increase your family’s happiness:

1. Address any compromised relationships

It isn’t uncommon for there to be compromised relationships within a family. Maybe two of your children do not get along, the dynamic between yourself and a child is not where you would like it to be or your spouse has been a bit distant. Whatever it is, start by admitting that there is a problem and then take steps to mend any compromised relationships.

a) Determine why: The way to start is determining why. When dealing with children and teens, this may be a challenge, but it is often just usual conflicts like annoying each other, problems with sharing etc. To fix this, parents simply have to teach children how to recognize and set boundaries, how to prevent negative situations and problem-solving skills. Improved interaction skills benefit sibling relationships.

b) Give it time: Compromised relationships involving adults or children and adults usually just need time, conversation and the discovery of common ground. The individuals that do not get along should spend more time with one another because time promotes healthier relationships. It does this by creating an environment that encourages conversation which in turn results in closeness. As family members talk, good qualities come out and commonalities are discovered.

2) Promote family time

A happy family life requires family time. Just be sure to do this authentically. People often shut down when they feel like they are being forced or set up to do something. Utter the words, “Let’s all sit and chat” and you have a family going through the motions instead of growing closer.

a) Be subtle: To promote family time the right way, be subtle. When everyone is at home suggest watching a movie, turn to a funny show on television, make a sweet treat and invite everyone to the table, plan an outing or ask everyone to help with the chores (folding the laundry is perfect). Just about anything that gets the family in one place will do.

b) Go with the flow: From there, go with the flow and encourage interaction when the time seems right. This can be done with a simple, “Tell mom/dad that joke you heard yesterday” or “Wasn’t that a great movie/show?” Before you know it everyone will be chiming in, laughing and just enjoying being together. Even more importantly it makes everyone feel comfortable and presents an opportunity to discuss more serious topics as well as the fun stuff.

3) Make everyone feel important

Number three on the list of happy family tips is make everyone feel important. Sometimes families get caught up in responsibilities and overlook emotional needs. We all have a lot on our plate but maintaining a happy family is a priority.

a) A Saturday for every member: A great way to make everyone feel important is giving each family member a Saturday. Every Saturday the whole family takes part in an activity chosen by one person. This may be going out to dinner, a quiet evening at home, painting, playing basketball at the park, going swimming, etc. Giving everyone a day and having the whole family actively participate says, “You matter and we care about your happiness”. Make Saturday’s mini celebrations of that person.

There is nothing more special than having the people you love take time away from their schedules to spend it doing something that you like or are passionate about. The best part about this exercise is the fact that everyone can be included, even the little ones. If there is a baby/toddler in the family, he or she can have their day too. Make the baby laugh, have everyone give him/her extra cuddles, play a favorite game and just spend more time bonding. You will be amazed at how much happier your family will be.

4) Spend quality time with your spouse

Last on the list of tips for a happier family is spend quality time with your spouse. Spouses in a healthy, loving marriage have happy children. No matter how hectic life gets, always keep communication open.

In addition to that, keep the affection going, consider each other’s needs and set aside one on one time every week. Have your parents babysit Friday night and escape for a few hours, squeeze in some romance during nap time or chat over a glass of wine in the evening. When it’s just the two of you, make the most out of every second. Just have a blast.

Original Source: https://www.marriage.com/advice/family/a-household-of-happiness-and-love-tips-for-a-happier-family/