2018 Holiday Food Safety

Health and Wellness

Food is an important part of many holiday celebrations. WIC staff can help their participants reduce the risk of foodborne illness for themselves and their families during the holiday season by following some basic food safety tips.

The Fight BAC!© collaborative between the CDCFDA and the USDA has many resources to help promote and support food safety including:

The FDA’s Holiday Food Safety page provides:

  • Information for pregnant woman with downloadable charts and brochures, along with lists and infographics on product dating, how to safely transport, store and cook foods; many of these resources are available in Spanish.
  • Information for moms-to-be, also available in Spanish
  • Holiday food safety videos.

The CDC also has information to help educate WIC participants on the importance of food safety, such as:

Some additional information to help your WIC families can be found on USDA’s SNAP-Ed Connection pages which offer:

On WIC Works, staff can search for “food safety” to find educational resources, downloadable handouts and much more; many resources are available in Spanish.

Original Source: https://wicworks.fns.usda.gov/resources/2018-holiday-food-safety